A matter of trust

August 16, 2013

thumbnailCAKX0DZIFrom the Cold War era of the 1940s to the ’90s, the Fifth Columnists had infiltrated American laboratories, labor unions, and government agencies.  Alger Hiss, a trusted American, and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who were convicted and executed for spying, made Americans realize that Soviet espionage was serious.  The case of the Rosenbergs seemed to be cut and dried; however, the case with Edward Snowden is not. With the United States government spying on its own citizens, the country is once again divided on yet another issue. It seems Americans are now the enemy.

“Anyone who works to undermine American freedoms, Americans’ individual rights, the United States economic supremacy, its military superiority, its national sovereignty, or the security of the American image in the world is a Fifth Columnist” (Basics Project website, 2010). Given this statement, it makes Americans wonder if our entire gargantuan government is filled with Fifth Columnists. I think we all know the answer to that. There is a crisis in America. It is a matter of trust . . . and a matter of liberty.

The citizens of America are angry.  Conservatives are angry with liberals.  Liberals are angry with conservatives.  Everybody’s angry at the Tea Party, except the Tea Party patriots.  Some think that the Federal government is too liberal; others think that it is not liberal enough.  Public frustration mounts on a daily basis as lawmakers turn a deaf ear to the voice of the people. American citizens cannot trust politicians to keep their promises, and they can’t trust America’s leaders who are operating under their own agendas. We are being marched into hell with our eyes wide open and there’s nothing that we can do about it.

While societies all over the world are abandoning socialism, Americans are embracing the socialist ideals of the progressives.  One of the tenets of socialism is public ownership of the means of production (Hornberger, 1990).  This means that the government is in control of business enterprises.  We have seen this today with the government takeover of General Motors, the bank bailouts, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and the government’s attempt to control the Internet.  What hold do the progressives have over America?  Why is America so reluctant to give up its welfare state?

Social systems and their corresponding forms of government come into being as a result of social forces making for social progress. The purpose of government is ostensibly to insure the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the useful members of society.  However, socialists feel that whenever a society fails in or becomes destructive of these ends, it has self-evidently outlived its usefulness, rendering it imperative for the exploited and oppressed class to organize its forces to put an end to the outworn social system.

Commercials are running on television encouraging people to apply for free cell phones and to apply for food stamps. Lines are longer than ever for subsidized housing. This is an old Cloward and Piven strategy. In order to install a new system, the old system must be overloaded, broken, and then removed. Our system is now being overloaded and when it breaks completely and cannot be fixed, Americans will accept socialism easily if it provides them food and housing.

Such a crucial period of history is facing humanity today.  The history of mankind has been a struggle for progress, taking the form of struggles for power between contending classes.  Whenever a ruling class had fulfilled its mission, and its interests ceased to be in harmony with social interests, it was supplanted by the class below, which, by increasing economic and political powers, attained its revolutionary goal.  This class, in turn, became a carrier of social progress until it had outlived its usefulness and, becoming reactionary and a stumbling block in the path of humanity, had to give way before the combined forces of social progress and a new revolutionary class (Socialist Labor Party website, 2002).

Our liberty is at stake here. Keep ‘em poor; keep ‘em dependent; keep ‘em voting Democratic.

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