Examine Your Values on this Independence Day Weekend

July 7, 2013

Perspective Alert: Well over one million of our military died for your freedom.

In the secular world, just ponder who we tend to memorialize in bronze and marble. Typically, such folks have sacrificed their own personal aggrandizement and power to the betterment of mankind. Let me see: Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington, Daniel Webster, the Viet Nam soldier and others come to mind as statues in Washington, D.C., alone, representing those whom we praise for their sacrifice and leadership. More often than not, those who we see fit to so honor earned their reputation the hard way and, more often than not, they would be the first to reject the praise we afford them.

One hundred million dollars (that’s right, $100,000,000) would pay for 6,600 track chairs to enable war amputees to have at least some ability to live a normal life after paying such a heavy price to preserve freedom for the rest of us who still have the ability to stand on two feet while we grill brats on Independence Day.

Yet, many of them are still waiting – still waiting for the most basic needs after returning from war. Why do we need a privately funded Wounded Warriors Project? Wouldn’t you think that caring for our returning veterans would be Job #1 of the federal government? Wouldn’t you think all of us – yes, even those in need – would want such physically and mentally wounded veterans to be first in line for the tax dollar? Wouldn’t you think they would come before the President’s promise of $7 Billion Dollars to Africa for clean energy?

Oh, I forgot. We are under a sequester. Yes, kids cannot visit the White House – not enough money for security. Fourth of July fireworks on military bases were terminated – not enough money for American military morale.

A $100,000,000 vacation to Africa for the President of the United States and his family is far more important than 6,600 track chairs for warriors, some of whom have lost all four limbs fighting under this Commander in Chief. Here is some more perspective: it would take 100% of the income tax paid by 6,600 families of four with adjusted gross income of $80,000 to pay for this shameless vacation to Africa. No rational human being can defend such arrogance. This President has squandered ample opportunities to act with Lincolnesque statesmanship.

What is wrong with Congress? What is wrong with an America that puts up with a Congress who continues to fund such shameful actions more fitting for royalty than the office of the President? Indeed, what is wrong with a President and a Congress that values the votes of those who stand in line for free cell phones over the solemn obligation to care for our wounded soldiers?

President Barack H. Obama is an embarrassment to this Nation. To his credit, I’m absolutely sure he pontificated from somewhere in front of a microphone on the Fourth, telling our military in the field how much he appreciates their sacrifice — that is, before being whisked off to his next fundraiser, round of golf or vacation.

Jesus Christ came to serve, not to reign. He was the perfect model of leadership. When I publish this on Facebook, you have three choices. (1) You can “like” it, (2) you can choose not to respond at all, or (3) if the truth offends, you can “unfriend” me. I am hopeful you will choose #1 or #3, for, you see, we can no longer be content with those who sit on the fence. Lukewarm is not acceptable. Apathy is killing this nation and everything we stand for (or stood for).

Mind you, think twice before “liking” this. You may well get on this administration’s Homeland Security enemies list. You will have to decide whether the lives of 1,317,500 soldiers who died to preserve your freedom are so cheap that you cannot even risk going on record as agreeing with me. Freedom was worth more than life itself to our Founders and our warriors. What is freedom worth to you?

Welcome to the newly transformed America. I refuse to live in fear of my own government in the Land of the Free. That is why I speak. That is why I’m “tellin’ like it is the best I know how.”

Tad Armstrong is an Edwardsville, Illinois, lawyer, founder of ELL Constitution Clubs (www.ellconstitutionclubs.com) and author of “It’s OK to Say ‘God.’”

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