Mark Sanford Congressional Victory Shows SC Believes In Forgiveness

May 9, 2013

We have been off line for a little more than a week due to a move, and during that time the SC 1 special election took place yesterday with a Mark Sanford win despite many in the GOP and conservative movements efforts to see him defeated. On Monday May 6, 2013 Foster Friess published the following in support of Mark Sanford and we want to republish it with a message to conservatives, Tea Party activists and those in the GOP who are quick to claim they are Christians but who can’t for the life of them practice the Christian principles.

Many people have asked us why we promote Foster Friess websites and charitable interests, well the simple answer to that is because Foster has from the first time we spoke with him in Chicago in June 2012, demonstrated time and time again he is a man who truly lives by the very principles he so often talks about. Below is the article Foster published on Monday.

Call your friends in  South Carolina to alert them about the  May 7th important election….

The special election is to fill the seat of Congressman Tim Scott, who Governor Nikki Haley appointed to fill the U. S. Senate seat vacated when Senator Jim DeMint left to head up Heritage Foundation.

The Republicans point out that the Democratic candidate Elizabeth Colbert Busch, sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, is a classic liberal embracing Obamacare and Nancy Pelosi marching orders; for receiving funds from the union which sued to block Boeing from building a Dreamliner plant in South Carolina and for her promise to take a leave of absence from her taxpayer-funded job to campaign for Congress but yet still receives that compensation.

The Democrats main case against Mark Sanford is he cannot be trusted because he has gone through a divorce and is remarrying. Ironically, Colbert, according to Erick Erickson of Red State, also divorced and even was arrested during the course of those proceedings for contempt of court charges. 

The Democrats can’t attack Sanford’s prior record while serving the people of South Carolina as Governor. CATO Institute ranked him the Number One most fiscally conservative governor. How successful will they be in attacking his divorce and remarriage as a trust issue when Colbert did the same and even got arrested in the process?

Here are some comments extracted from an editorial by James Antle of Daily Caller (in which I am an investor):

“Sanford wasn’t one of those Republicans who spent a lot of money. He constantly fought legislators in his own party over spending increases, proposing state budgets that grew no faster than inflation plus population growth. He erased an unconstitutional deficit without raising taxes or raiding trust funds.

That’s why a lot of big-government Republicans sang “Happy Trails” when Sanford got himself in trouble.

In 2005, Sanford’s vetoes knocked back what would have been 9.1 percent growth in the state budget to 7.5 percent. The following year, he vetoed the state budget in its entirety. Sanford vetoed 243 items in the legislature’s next spending plan, totaling $167 million. He was one of the few Republican governors who resisted taking stimulus funds, and then wanted to use the Obama money to pay down the state debt rather than finance spending increases that would eventually be billed to the taxpayers.

Once Sanford vetoed 106 pork-barrel projects and was overruled on all but one. He arrived at the legislature with a pig under each arm.

In 2010, Sanford was one of just four governors to receive an “A” grade on the Cato Institute’s fiscal report card. The  think tank praised Sanford for cutting the small business tax rate from 7 percent to 5 percent, for cutting sales and income tax rates, and for projections showing general fund spending to be slightly lower than when he took office.”

Staying at home Tuesday is a vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch which is also a vote for Nancy Pelosi. It’s important you call your South Carolina friends today and tomorrow.

God Bless,

Foster signature







We could all learn a lesson on forgiveness and friendship from Foster Friess living example. Below is a follow-up post Foster published on May 7, 2013 and in it is something Foster said to us on June 8, 2012 in Chicago which we have seen Foster practice time and time again since first speaking with him on that day.

Thank you for the positive feedback…

Thank you for the positive feedback regarding my encouragement to elect a fiscal conservative, rather than a candidate who believes in bigger government and bigger deficits.

A Sanford win, however, would demonstrate more important points: Ours is a society of second chances.

Ever since Mark Sanford’s personal life got sidetracked, I wanted to make sure I was a loyal friend and put into action the Christian faith I profess. God calls us to be encouragers and to do all we can to help one another to get back on track when we stumble.

I’m grateful for all the times I was able to accept God’s forgiveness. We need to assess people not based on their past, or where they’re at today, but on who they can become.

God bless,

Foster (<:)******

The people of South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District decided to practice the true Christian principles of forgiveness and not being the judge of others, a lesson which could serve many in this nation.

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