Meet Wendy Thomas: A Woman Who Loves Jesus and Boldy Witnesses of Christ’s Mercy

July 10, 2013
Wendy Thomas "I want to go out to all people just like Jesus did" Photo By Lawrence Sinclair©2013 Sinclair News

Wendy Thomas “I want to go out to all people just like Jesus did” Photo By Lawrence Sinclair©2013 Sinclair News

Christians have not had a particularly good year or two in the US or around the world for that matter. The Same-Sex marriage advocates have attacked Chic-fil-A, FRC, and Church after church. Coptic Christians in Egypt have become the targets of those who oppose Christianity and just about every Christian in the US who has publicly stood up for their Biblical faith has been labeled a bigot. With these attacks against Christians Sinclair News found Wendy Thomas to be a woman of remarkable strength in that here is a single woman who works as a waitress to earn money to provide food, water, clothing and love to anyone in need.

Wendy Thomas is a lady who carries a cross throughout central FL in the scorching heat and high humidity with a smile on her face, a friendly wave to those passing by and a kind word to all who she comes into contact with. Whether its walking the beach and taking pictures with tourists or taking cartons of juice to the homeless on Manatee Island Wendy never loses the smile on her face and the sheer love and joy in her heart.

Wendy, who has suffered from depression, alcoholism and leukemia will tell you that she hasn’t always been so happy and full of joy. As a child Wendy say’s she lived through years of verbal abuse from her mother to the point where she herself thought she was nothing. Marries twice, the last described as abusive and losing custody of her two young children Wendy says she went through periods of hopelessness, struggled with alcoholism and depression. In 2010 Wendy was diagnosed with Leukemia  in Knoxsville, TN and thought she had hit rock bottom. Feeling lost and having nowhere else to turn Wendy says she turned to Jesus and asked him to take control of her life and guide her in the path that he had chosen for her. That was the beginning of this wonderful journey that Wendy says is filled with more love and joy than one can handle sometimes. On October 25, 2012 at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando, FL Wendy was told she no longer had Leukemia.

Today Wendy says she has been given three miracles in her life through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. No longer does Wendy suffer from depression, no longer does Wendy drink or desire the false sense of comfort from alcohol and no longer does Wendy have any Leukemia in her body. All of which Wendy gives credit to the mercy and power of Jesus.

Wendy is not a smooth trained Evangelists, rather she is a woman who takes to the streets to witness to others about what she herself has been blessed with through the grace and mercy of Jesus. Wendy can be found on Face Book under All His Strength Ministries. Below is our video interview with Wendy Thomas conducted Monday July 8, 2013 at North Street and Ridgewood Ave in Daytona Beach FL.

The below photos are just a few taken from All His Strength Ministries FB page to share:

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