Sinclair News Targeted By Hackers Again at 7:24 AM MT Today

February 6, 2013

First we would like to apologize to our readers and visitors who throughout the day continued to get 404 Error pages every time you attempted to navigate to an article or page on Sinclair News today. Sinclair News has made a number of enemies over the course of the past year who simply do not like our bold straight forward reporting of the facts without trying to spin or play politics for favors and friendships. Fact is some of those individuals and/or organizations who would like us to simply go away are well funded and have a very large group of friends and supporters who have demonstrated their willingness to engage in any activity which would result in taking Sinclair News out.

Because Sinclair News does what it does out of commitment to the truth and without a desire for playing politics in exchange for favors and friendship we operate on a very limited budget which mostly comes from our own pockets. That is fine with us but it also means we are limited in the resources we have to hire services of security providers to help keep these hacking attempts from being successful. We want to assure our readers and visitors that while the hackers have been able to access our servers to delete our content files which result in you getting a 404 Error Page, they have not been able to do anything else which would in any way compromise the readers security. If you ever question the safety of our site feel free to view our Site-Lock certification on the home page as well as our Norton safety status.

We are in the process of securing the services of a company which can help prevent these types of events from occurring as well as identifying those responsible for the attacks.

We thank you for your continued support and for choosing Sinclair News as your source for honest, uncensored and unafraid news.

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