The real state of the union

February 12, 2013

After last year’s State of the Union fiasco whereby Barack Obama basically told everyone how great everything was and how his wonderful policies were working, Americans knew right away the many untruths that he had spoken. Americans also know that the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it. Such is the way of communism. Such is the way of the Democrats. With so many liars in one room, I’m surprised that anyone could move due to the number of Pinocchio noses crisscrossing the House Chamber. That must be what accounts for the lackluster applause. This year, however, many remotes will be pointing and clicking from the State of the Union address to movies, such as The Devil Wears Prada; Sex and the City reruns; or my favorite: The Westminster Kennel Club.

It seems that Dr. Benjamin Carson has given the address on the real state of the union at last Thursday’s 2013 National Prayer Breakfast. He began by reading four texts from Proverbs and Chronicles in order to put his remarks in context. The biblical texts included:

Proverbs 11:9:  With his mouth the Godless destroys his neighbor, but through knowledge the righteous escapes.
Proverbs 11:12:  A man who lacks judgment derides his neighbor, but a man of understanding holds his tongue.
Proverbs 11:25: A generous man will prosper. He who refreshes others will himself, be refreshed.
2nd Chronicles 7:14: If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land.
Dr. Benjamin Carson

Dr. Benjamin Carson

“You know, I have an opportunity to speak in a lot of venues. This is my fourth speech this week. and I have an opportunity to talk to a lot of people. And I’ve been asking people what concerns you? What are you most concerned about in terms of the spirituality and the direction of our nation and our world?” he queried. “And I’ve talked to very prominent Democrats, very prominent Republicans. And I was surprised by the uniformity of their answers. And those have informed my comments this morning. now, it’s not my intention to offend anyone. I have discovered, however, in recent years that it’s very difficult to speak to a large group of people these days and not offend someone.”

A soft-spoken man, Dr. Carson very matter-of-factly told Barack Obama what the real state of the union is and exactly how people feel about it. Needless to say, Obama did not seem pleased, as evidenced by his downcast eyes. Unlike Obama who is continually campaigning, Dr. Carson was very direct, forthright, and honest with his audience. For example, his comments on political correctness gone awry were not wholeheartedly accepted by the Democrats, but the American people found a champion. Dr. Carson said, “People are afraid to say Merry Christmas at Christmas time. Doesn’t matter whether the person you’re talking to is Jewish or, you know, whether they’re any religion. That’s a salutation, a greeting of goodwill. We’ve got to get over this sensitivity. You know, and it keeps people from saying what they really believe … and, you know, what we need to do — what we need to do in this PC world is forget about unanimity of speech and unanimity of thought, and we need to concentrate on being respectful to those people with whom we disagree.”

His final thoughts on political correctness included: “And that’s when I believe we begin to make progress. And one last thing about political correctness, which I think is a horrible thing, by the way. I’m very, very comp — compassionate, and I’m not ever out to offend anyone. But PC is dangerous. Because, you see in this country one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression; and it muzzles people. It puts a muzzle on them. And at the same time, keeps people from discussing important issues while the fabric of this society is being changed. And we cannot fall for that trick. And what we need to do is start talking about things, talking about things that are important.”

On the subject of education, Dr. Carson points out that even in this age of information and technology, 30 percent of people who enter high school in this country do not graduate. Forty-four percent of people who start a four-year college program do not finish it in four years. He noted, “What is that about? Think back to a darker time in this, our history. Two hundred years ago when slavery was going on, it was illegal to educate a slave, particularly to teach them to read. Why do you think that was? Because when you educate a man, you liberate a man.” His words are so true. Obama’s answer to the problem is to throw money at it. More spending. Dr. Carson’s answer to the problem is education; real, practical education. When we are all educated, we’ll all be liberated.

So, despite what Barack Obama says about how things are looking up, and as he paints a rosy picture of America, thanks to people, such as Dr. Carson, Americans know the truth. The economy is sluggish, at best. Unemployment is up; employment is down. Our national debt is out of control. The state mainstream media doesn’t report on any of these facts. With more than 1,000 executive orders under his belt, Obama plans to circumvent Congress on the parts of his agendas that legislators won’t pass.

The Obama administration won’t come clean on Benghazi or Fast and Furious, and Americans are still dead. The Obama administration says that it’s acceptable to kill Americans with drones without the benefit of due process. The Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies are buying up millions of rounds of ammunition while the Obama administration is trying to disarm Americans. Why would they do that? Think about it. Our military strength is decreasing and more and more American citizens are arming themselves for protection against a tyrannical government. Health insurance premiums are continually rising while the quality of healthcare is declining; we are losing doctors on a daily basis. Welfare and food stamps are on the rise and our decaying morality of our culture lowers our standards of acceptable behavior.

Taxes are rising and Republicans are being marginalized by the Democrats for not looking out for the interest of Americans. In response to Obama’s request for more revenue, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said, “He’s gotten all the revenue he’s going to get. Been there, done that.” However, Republicans have the power to do something about it. A few investigative committees demanding answers to the hard questions would be a start. And then, there’s the power of the purse strings. Congress can defund anything they want, no matter how many executive orders Obama signs. Obama says that America needs to pay its obligations and to keep its promises. The Democrats made the promises, so let them keep them and let them pay for them.

Dr. Carson’s solution to the healthcare dilemma includes that, “When a person is born, give him a birth certificate, an electronic medical record and a health savings account [HSA], to which money can be contributed, pre-tax from the time you are born, to the time you die. When you die, you can pass it on to your family members so that when you’re 85 years old and you’ve got 6 diseases, you’re not trying to spend up everything. You’re happy to pass it on and nobody is talking about death panels. That’s number one. Also, for the people who are indigent, who don’t have any money, we can make contributions to their HSA each month because we already have this huge pot of money instead of sending it to bureaucracy – let’s put it into HSAs. Now they have some control over their own health care and what do you think they’re going to do? They’re going to learn very quickly how to be responsible. When Mr. Jones gets that diabetic foot ulcer, he’s not going to the Emergency Room and blowing a big chunk of it. He’s going to go to the Clinic. He learns that very quickly – gets the same treatment. In the Emergency Room they send him out. In the Clinic they say, now let’s get your diabetes under control so that you’re not back here in three weeks with another problem. That’s how we begin to solve these kinds of problems. It’s much more complex than that, and I don’t have time to go into it all, but we can do all these things because we are smart people.”

Barack Obama seems to be under the impression that the United States Constitution guarantees liberties for the greater good; not the individual. He needs to be educated. He needs to understand that the US Constitution protects the individual from the government; not gives the government the freedom to fetter, restrict, and bleed the individual dry. He needs to understand that we are one Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Obama’s State of the Union address was little more than another campaign speech with Obama attempting to whip the crowd into a frenzy, but it didn’t happen. Just more of the same rhetoric. Will Obama pay any attention to this Dr. Carson’s comments? Probably not. His ego and lack of knowledge won’t allow it.

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