This “Fag” Stands with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

December 20, 2013

Late last night I received a phone call from a friend asking me what I thought of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, is he a “homophobe?”. I had to be honest and say I really didn’t know much about him, I have been so out of the loop with work pertaining to my long overdue second book. I did however see several emails sent to me throughout the day yesterday concerning a GQ interview with the Commander and, when asked by GQ his views on homosexuality Robertson referred to the biblical teachings which he and his family live by.

For Arts & Entertainment Television or A&E (which some of us could refer to as suffering from anal & erectile dysfunction) to remove Robertson from a program (that has brought the network a considerable amount of money and viewers) for answering a question asked of him honestly is simply beyond the scope of the imagination, especially considering how those pushing the “gay” agenda are the first to demand tolerance of others views.

Being 52 and having grown up in rural South Carolina at a time when being “queer” a “fag” or “gay” (or whatever name is being used today) could get you strung up on a tree faster than being black, and the fact that I never let that stop me from being who & what I was/am, I think I have earned the right to address the new “gay agenda” and those who claim to seek tolerance even though it is not tolerance they want: its approval by force, intimidation and extortion. Phil Robertson has this “fag” standing with him all the way, because as far as I am concerned, the man has done something so many people are scared to do today: Stand up for your beliefs, values, principles and faith without fear of politically orchestrated backlash or being called a bigot or some other name used by the so called “tolerance brigade.”

Some will find my use of the terms “queer,” “fag,” “gay” to be offensive, but it would be false offense in the so called “gay community” because I would stake my life on the fact that 98% of gay’s today use those very terms in their daily conversations. It’s almost like the race baiters who say its okay for a black person to use the “N” word but its racist slur when uttered by a non-black. If the terms are offensive then they are offensive no matter who utters them!

Tolerance is not sitting back and agreeing with or approving of what one does. You can be tolerant of others actions without agreeing with them or even finding them acceptable.  So we have to be tolerant of ones belief that same sex marriage or homosexuality is okay, but we don’t have to be tolerant of those who truly believe in the Bible’s teaching on homosexuality?

Tolerance is not being beaten down into submission or abandoning your faith, values and principles because someone else does not see things the same as you. This is not about intolerance, this is a continuation on the outright war that this Nation has seen waged against any individual or company that dare exercise their First Amendment right to freedom of religion; freedom of expression and freedom of speech. Phil Robertson did nothing but answer a question presented to him by GQ magazine honestly and rather than commend a man for his honesty and integrity in a time where so few will do so out of fear; everyone feigns shock and surprise that a devout Christian man would stand by his religious beliefs and faith on the issue of homosexuality.

Kudos to the openly gay Harvey Levinson of TMZ for standing up yesterday and saying A&E was wrong.

Having never known what the inside of a closet looked like and growing up in a place and time where people simply could not understand how anyone could be openly gay I simply cannot understand all this effort to paint anyone and everyone who doesn’t agree with same sex relationships as homophobes. For years every time I would meet someone new I would always introduce myself to them with my name and the line “I am the crazy faggot.” Some people even asked why I did that. The answer is simple: when you are you 100% in all that you do and with all that you meet, then people get to know you for you not some false persona. Most people admire that blunt honesty and rather than waste a good friendship on getting to know someone under false pretenses, you get to know people for who they truly are.

Why is it that for a Christian to believe what the Bible says about homosexuality they are bigots, but for a Muslim to believe that the Quran justifies killing homosexuals its religious freedom?

Phil Robertson, this 52 year old South Carolina born and raised fag applauds you, stands with you, and will defend your right to your faith, values and principles as well as the right to express them til Christ returns.

Merry Christmas Phil “Commander” Robertson and all the Robertson family.

As for A&E, perhaps you guys need to pay a visit to your proctologist and get what is shoved up your $%% pulled out.

A&E can be contacted at 212-210-1400 or you can contact Chairman Abbe Raven at 212-210-9007 or ; President & CEO Nancy Dubuc at


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3 Responses to This “Fag” Stands with Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson

  1. Joe on December 23, 2013 at 5:03 PM

    God bless you brother, your a stand up guy, Phil has only answered a questioned he was asked. As a believer he speaks his truth as he knows it in his own heart. As a believer myself I can only hate sin and not those committing them, as a. Believer I love people and in doing so pray for them and let God do the rest. I applaud you in your honesty and comments. Blessings

  2. Travis on December 21, 2013 at 4:42 PM

    Thank you for this. I have though that this war has always been more about affirmation than it is acceptance. I accept people's choices but I don't think I should be made to affirm them. Merry Christmas!!

  3. @BigFurHat on December 20, 2013 at 2:35 PM

    Why did I think that ad said Lavender Spooner Law School?
    The part about being 100% open from the git-go as a show of respect so people could decide if they want to be your friend is interesting.

    You're giving respect to people who might not deserve it if they shun you if they found out later on you like guys "in that way."
    But by doing that you disarm some and maybe they think you're a good guy by doing that and then they sorta like you, and before you know it they're your friend.
    Very clever.
    Just don't stand behind me.

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