Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part II of III

January 9, 2012

The recent interview of Larry Sinclair which was published in the Dec 20- Jan 5, 2012 edition of the  New Hampshire Herald makes clear why the Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012. See the New Hampshire Herald reports the story without any predisposed position. In 2008 the media reports by Politico, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Cleveland Leader, et al only reported the story in their efforts to discredit and fabricate Larry Sinclair’s past.

It is the mainstream media who as early as May 2011 made the Sinclair story matter in 2012. It was May 2011 when ABC News Diane Sawyer put a story on ABC World News and Nightline where she went after Newt Gingrich and his marital infidelities from the 1990′s.

Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part I of III As we pointed out in Part I of III in order to understand clearly Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 the reader needs to look back at what has taken place since 2008.

Eugene Malobrodsky: Co-Founder Anchor Free

Imagine if you can how surprised we were to find a site visitor (Eugene Malobrodsky- left) googling “Larry Sinclair admits to fabricating Obama sex story,” as shown in the screen shot below.

We would be less than honest if we said Eugene Malobrodsky has not piqued our interest in the past few months. We first became aware of him through visitor traffic stats which have logged multiple visits from him by way of multiple IP addresses, all of which are clearly identified with his name. Mr. Malobrodsky is the co-founder of Anchor Free a company which promotes itself as being an integral part of the the Arab Spring uprising in Egypt last year  ‘Arab Spring’ Was Sprung Thanks To Technology .

It was through a visit January 8, 2012 that we became aware of a fake letter (published on Feb 25, 2008 by an individual using the screen name “zombiekilla” on Topix.com, digg.com and the Cleveland Leader while alleging to be Larry Sinclair) has been republished recently on AOL (Huff-n-Puff) message boards under the headlines “Larry Sinclair admits and apologizes for fabricating Obama sex story.” Mr. Malobrodsky’s google search brought him the following results:







Just two days before Larry Sinclair’s June 18, 2008 National Press Club press conference the Social Security Administration had mailed a letter informing him he would no longer be receiving his disability checks because they had been informed Sinclair was currently on parole or probation in the State of Delaware and was in violation of that parole/probation. Social Security Administration had originally claimed they received the information from the Delaware Courts but it was later discovered the knowingly false information had come to them by way of then Sen. Joe Biden’s senate office.


Ben Smith, Politico.com Blogger

In addition to the republication of statements long been proven not to have been from Larry Sinclair, the Southern Poverty Law Center on December 12, 2011 decided to publish its own preemptive hit piece on its Hate-Watch blog using outdated attacks written by Ben Smith of Politico.com and David Weigel of The Slate which we will address quickly. For the SPLC to feel the need to publish a claim they themselves cannot back up goes to show that old race baiting bastion known as the SPLC has become nothing more than a political puppet in a very bad puppet show. Lets take the article of Ben Smith (above) which the SPLC linked to:

1.  Ben Smith’s claim that “Larry Sinclair has a 27 year criminal history specializing in crimes of deceit,” does not now nor did it then match with the facts.

The actual facts are Larry Sinclair has a criminal record from 1980 through 1986 which Larry has from day one acknowledged and made known to anyone he has spoken to about his Obama allegations. Mr. Smith in fact did not even author the line “Larry Sinclair has a 27 year criminal history specializing in crimes of deceit,” but instead took that line from a group of Internet bloggers publishing under the mitch and nan show name. These bloggers who Smith liked to quote was started by a Sugar Land, Texas man named Scott Covington.

Covington is most popularly known for his Piano Store business in Houston, TX where he defrauded customers of an estimated more than $1 Million dollars in fraudulent Piano sales. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office decided not to file criminal charges only after his father, prominent Texas republican Donald Covington of Orange, Texas paid some $750,000.00 back to defrauded customers. Politico’s Ben Smith knew his sources where involved in publishing fabricated/false material as well as using racial slurs and photo shopped photographs placing KKK and Nazi symbols and attire on individuals and publishing them throughout the internet and Smith aided these people in their internet activities.

2. Ben Smith claimed Larry Sinclair had used some 13 aliases and had started the process to legally change his name to Larry Wayne Sinclair in 1997.

The actual facts are that neither Ben Smith, David Weigel nor anyone else can show a single instance at any point in Larry’s life time where he ever held identification, employment, housing or any service under any name other than his true legal name at the the time. Smith and Weigel enjoyed printing a list of “aliases” which are in deed listed in the FBI’s records system, yet neither they nor anyone else, including any law enforcement agency can point out a single instance where Larry Sinclair ever held ID or lived in any manner under any name other than his own!

Here it is almost four years since Ben Smith and David Weigel published their hit pieces and they still have yet to note that Larry Sinclair was born Lawrence Wayne Sinclair and that he legally changed his name from his birth name to La-Rye Ashaiti Silvas in Pinal County Superior Court in Florence Arizona in 1981 and then again in the same court from La-Rye Ashaiti Silvas to La-Rye Vizcarra Avila in 1982. Contrary to the repeated claims of bloggers by Ben Smith, Larry filed in the Fremont County District Court in Canon City, Colorado in 1997 to change his name from La-Rye Vizcarra Avila back to his given birth name of Lawrence (not Larry) Wayne Sinclair and the order granting said petition was issued in 1997.

Many including those who are repeating the fake Sinclair retraction letters now also are publishing claims as did Smith and Weigel that Larry Sinclair has a history of running con’s under multiple names, yet four years later they have failed to demonstrate a single con ever run by Larry. This matters in 2012, because the Obama media is already republishing the same failed attacks from 2008 in an effort to avoid being confronted in 2012 with Sinclair’s allegations.

Taylor Marsh, a pseudonym of Michelle Marshall

In addition to Smith’s June 2008 effort to smear Larry, Taylor Marsh, (left) (a pseudonym of Michelle Marshall) gave her best effort to claim Larry was somehow a Republican plant. Of course Marsh had no idea what she was talking about and continued to repeat the same distorted claims being posted on any web site that would allow them, which was just about all of them.

David Weigel (who it is the opinion of LarrySinclair.org is a part of the group who continue for four straight years to try and distort Larry’s actual past with their own versions) went as far as to claim “He started with a lengthy statement that admitted most (not all) …”

Weigel  (left) who is associated with the Obama bloggers which organized from Barackobama.com linked to his associates post at bloggernews which falsely reported Sinclair was led out of the National Press Club in handcuffs. Weigel however published his piece on Reason.com knowing that his statement was a lie.

Contrary to the claims of Weigel, Sinclair in 2008 did admit to and report on his entire criminal past. The bloggers of Daily Kos and Democratic Underground assisted by Paul Allen Levy of Public Citizen Litigation Group attempted to claim that Sinclair had been avoiding prosecution from a warrant that was listed in Pasco County Florida since 1986. Despite the Pasco State Attorney’s office themselves admitting the warrant was never listed in the NCIC system and would only have shown in a Florida only check, the bloggers with the assistance of Weigel and PCLG in DC ignored that little fact.

See Sinclair would never have been released from Prison in 1997 if there had been a single warrant lodged in the system for his arrest. Upon learning of the warrant and speaking with the State Attorney in Pasco County Florida it was discovered the warrant was the result of a check written by Sinclair to the Clerk of the Circuit Court which was returned NSF. The check was paid and the warrant was dismissed for not having any action taken on it in more than 5 years. Yet none of these actual facts mattered when Politico, Public Citizen Litigation Group’s Paul Levy (who just happened to also represent Politico’s Ben Smith) were out to protect Barack Obama in 2008. But hey, it wasn’t just the Politico’s and the David Weigels and the Daily Kos et al…

The Delaware News Journal picked up where the Ben Smiths, Politico’s, Taylor Marshes and David Weigels left off after Sinclair’s June 18, 2008 National Press Club appearance. The News Journal first published its false claims beginning June 29, 2008 six days after Sinclair was released after making his appearance before a New Castle County Judge on June 23, 2008.

Despite claims by Huffington-Post, Democratic-Underground, Reason.com, Politico.com and others, DC authorities did not have any “fugitive from justice” warrant nor did they ever present one. The US Attorney in DC had Sinclair arrested and charged him the day after his arrest with a DC charge of “fugitive from justice” despite Delaware officials stating Sinclair should have simply been told by DC officials to report to New Castle County. (NOTE: The “Rule 9 Warrant” which is what Delaware’s was called was issued by a sealed Grand Jury on February 5, 2008 and despite the AG’s claims a copy was mailed to Sinclair, Court records showed the indictment was not ever mailed.)

The News Journals complete article is available for a fee, we simply did not feel it necessary to purchase the article as the free description of the article clearly shows the Journals repeated claims that he paid for a three week stay with counterfeit money orders despite no such allegation being contained in any State Police or Delaware Court records.

Then the below printed article was published on September 5, 2008 after the Delaware Attorney Generals office dismissed the charges. Contrary to the Obama blogger and media claims that Sinclair made a deal with the AG for the dismissal, Sinclair made no such deal and in fact was prepared to go to trial on September 11, 2008.

Sept 5, 2008 Delaware News Journal repeats false claims 3rd time

The Delaware News Journal had a problem with being honest in 2008 as well, as witnessed by its multiple reports claiming Sinclair paid for a three week motel stay with counterfeit money orders. Not only did the News Journal out right lie, they even went so far as to claim they got their information from the New Castle Delaware Court file. Problem was, no such information was in the court file.

Even after confronting the Editor of the Delaware News Journal with their completely false statements in two printed articles; providing Visa Card statement showing Sinclair paid his Hotel Stay with his Visa card; the Editor refused to print a correction.

Even after all charges were dismissed the News Journal continued to make claims that simply were not true. The News Journal (Joe Biden’s hometown paper) from the very beginning started reporting the story with a clear intent of smearing Sinclair by their intentional printing of claims they knew from the start were untrue.

The Delaware Attorney Generals Office (you know Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden) is believed to have been behind the false reports in the News-Journal in an effort to try and scare Sinclair into pleading guilty to a lesser charge which Sinclair flatly refused to do. Deputy AG Susan Dwyer even went so far as to accuse Sinclair of sending threatening emails to her office despite the AG’s office knowing those emails were being sent by the same people Ben Smith and David Weigel were quoting in June 2008.

It should be noted that the Delaware Attorney Generals office threatened to charge Sinclair with “habitual offender” if he did not plead guilty and they got a conviction at trial. Sinclair still refused to plead guilty to something he did not do. Despite the fact that nowhere was there any statement accusing Sinclair of paying for anything with counterfeit money orders, the Delaware News Journal continued to repeat the false claim to the very end.

The Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 because the media has made an issue of marital fidelity as far as the GOP Presidential primary candidates are concerned. From the intentional ABC News effort at attacking Newt Gingrich reported by ABC’s Diane Sawyer in May 2011 to the Politico.com reports that Herman Cain was somehow guilty of sexual harassment to Celebrity gutter Attorney Gloria Allred’s claims that Herman Cain sexually harassed her client Sharon Bialek (the last quickly fading into the sunset our reporting Allred used Sinclair’s 2008 Obama allegations to script her clients claims against Cain).

Now we want to make something clear, in 2008 when Larry Sinclair first went public with his allegations of gay sex and cocaine use with Barack Obama, he clearly had no idea of the level of attacks that were about to come at him. In addition Larry had always stood up and defended himself anytime he was attacked in life, and the attacks which came via the internet were no different to him. Many people have since 2008 published blogs and posted on social networking sites and the likes of Daily Kos, Democratic Underground and even Topix.com claims that Larry has threatened, stalked, and “bullied” anyone who does not believe his story. Well that’s not really true.

Even now in 2012 Sheila Bryant of Lawrenceville, Georgia (a source for David Weigel & Ben Smith) continues to distort and rewrite the facts. Bryant has herself filed false reports with the Duluth Police Department in 2008; as well as being a willing participant in the filing of false information and statements with US Government Agencies for the purpose of having Sinclair investigated. This despite the fact these agencies clearly make known that the knowingly providing of or making of false information/statements is a felony she and those she refers to as “Internet Warriors for Truth” have made them repeatedly for years now.

Despite more than four years since Sinclair first contacted the Obama campaign in 2007, no matter what has been written and posted about Larry Sinclair, not a single media organization nor anyone else has been able to poke a single hole in Sinclair’s story. After the December 20, 2011 publication of an interview with Larry Sinclair in the New Hampshire Herald, the same people who have spent the last four years of their lives attacking Sinclair personally and accusing him of everything from using his deceased fathers name and Social Security number to obtain benefits from SSA to helping his mother kill his maternal grand parents who just happened to have died 7 or 8 years before Larry was even born…now want to make the laughable claim

Someone ought to tell the editor of this “newspaper” that he is just about four years late with his inquiry.  It seems he doesn’t know that the mainstream media has vetted Sinclair’s story from beginning to end and found absolutely no evidence to corroborate his story.

Not only has the “mainstream” media not vetted Sinclair’s story, the claims they originally put out in 2008 have come back to bite them.  Reporters Admit Not Looking Into Obama Allegations In Fight Over Palin Piece. As noted above David Weigel had a passion for linking to other stories he felt  reinforced his position on Sinclair. One of the links Weigel used was from Greta Van Susteren

Greta Van Susteren linked the story, and told viewers/readers why she has ignored him. “While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people,” she wrote, prompting commenters to call her a cover-up artist and an agent of Barack Obama.

While Greta Van Susteren did link to the Smith article it appears that FOX News and/or Greta Van Susteren has removed the post from June 18, 2008. Van Susteren’s quote “While the internet is a great communication and educational tool, it is also viral when it comes to smearing people,” was spot on for more than the reason’s Weigel wished to apply it to. The Internet had been a very effective tool in attacking Van Susteren herself after it was reported Van Susteren had spoken with Sinclair on May 31, 2008 while covering the DNC Rules & By-Laws committee meeting taking place at the Marriott Wardman Park hotel. Sinclair learned all too well how the internet could be used when it came to smearing him and anyone who spoke with him.

In late August 2008 just as the Democratic National Convention was to get underway, Startlogic hosting services were forced to shut down Sinclair’s web sites because of yet another cyber attack to their servers. Weigel and Smith’s blogger buddies had posted only two days before that Sinclair’s site would go black. Though the August 2008 attack was nothing compared to what came about on October 10, 2008.

While driving up the I-95 through central Florida the individuals who Politico; David Weigel; Obama for America had turned to as sources of information against Sinclair carried out a very calculated and detailed plan. On October 7, 2008 a web site was created through GoDaddy.com and DomainsbyProxy. The creation of this web site was for the express and specific purpose of hiding the identities of individuals who were and continue to this day to be engaged in criminal activities over the internet while attacking Sinclair as well as threatening and harassing of individuals whose email addresses they obtained through the felony hacking of two Microsoft Hotmail accounts; one aol account and one blogger account.

Whois Server: whois.godaddy.com
Referral URL: http://registrar.godaddy.com
Status: clientDeleteProhibited
Status: clientRenewProhibited
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Status: clientUpdateProhibited
Updated Date: 08-oct-2011
Creation Date: 07-oct-2008
Expiration Date: 07-oct-2012

It should be noted that GoDaddy.com claims to prohibit the use of its servers for the purpose of threatening, harassing, libel, slander, stalking and hacking yet despite their TOS, they have failed to remove the above site from its servers.

While the visitor traffic to this site is extremely low in number, there criminal activities have been felt by many more who have been victimized by them. Public Citizen Litigation Group Attorney Paul Allen Levy is believed to have been the individual advising them on how to carry out their acts. On October 10 and 11, 2008 Larry Sinclair had lost all access to both his Microsoft MSN Hotmail email accounts; his aol email account and his Google blogger account LarrySinclair-0926.blogspot.com. All of the accounts had been hacked into. The incident was reported to Police as well as the FBI Internet Crimes unit. The FBI Internet Crimes report can be seen by clicking HERE.

The hackers proudly left their calling card on the blog’s front page. The hackers had deleted everything from Sinclair’s blog and had posted the title “Game Over” with a picture of a balled up pice of paper under it. Google was far quicker to return control of the blog account than Microsoft was with the email accounts.

Sent: 10/11/2008 11:34:11 P.M. Mountain Daylight Time
Subj: Re: [#348727882] I can't access my account

Thank you for your report. We’ve completed our investigation.
In order to return your account, we’ll need to change the email address currently associated with the account to another email address. However, we can only switch it to an email address that isn’t already registered to a Google Account (keep in mind that Gmail addresses are part of Google Accounts).

The email accounts were used for far worse activities, including setting them up to send out automated “vacation” replies to anyone who emailed Sinclair with the following:

From: lws022737@hotmail.com

Date: 10/13/2008 4:48:05 PM

To: fxxxxxxxxxx@sbcglobal.net

Subject: Vacation reply

Sorry I can’t answer right now.

I have a dick in my mouth and it’s hard to type. Get it? Hard! LOL.

Anywho….Try me later.


Microsoft Corp spent far more time protecting the hackers and allowing them to remove all of Larry’s information than they did in putting a block on the accounts, despite being notified as soon as it was discovered.

From: Microsoft Customer Support


Sent: Tuesday, October 14, 2008 6:58 AM

To: minnman0926@aol.com

Subject:RE:SRX1081486431ID – Windows Live Spaces Abuse

Hello Lawrence,

Thank you for writing back to Windows Live Technical Support.

I appreciate your effort in providing the profile information that we need for you to be able to reset the password of your lws022737@hotmail.com and larysinclair0926@hotmail.com accounts.

I recognize the significance of your issue and I am here to provide you with necessary assistance.

I am sorry but we can only address one e-mail account per inquiry.

If you need assistance with your larysinclair0926@hotmail.com account, you have to send us a separate e-mail message with a new Service Request ID number.

To do this, please go to:

1. Go to https://support.live.com/default.aspx?productkey=wlid

2. Click on any topics on the left panel, then wait for the page to load completely.

3. Click “Get more help” on the lower right corner of the page, then click on “Get support.”

In this case, we will only be able to address your password issue on your lws022737@hotmail.com.

After thoroughly checking the account profile information you provided, I regret to inform you that it does not match the information stored in the account.

For your security, we cannot inform you which of the information you have provided is correct or incorrect.  Since Windows Live Hotmail enforces its policies to help protect the privacy and security of its member accounts, we cannot provide you with additional assistance.   At this time, I recommend that you create another Windows Live Hotmail account.

in addition to the hacking and deleting all contents, these same individuals stole through criminal hacking: personal financial, medical, and legal information which they would brag about for years to come. It took Microsoft Corp ten (10) days before even blocking the email accounts. Microsoft was told at the time that there was good reason to believe the hackers included and/or were assisted by Microsoft employee(s).

From : “minnman0926@aol.com”

Sent : Wednesday, October 15, 2008 4:28:23 AM UTC

To :”IDENT.LVID.00.00.EN.SYK.MNL.TS.T01.SPT.00.EM@css.one.microsoft.com”

Subject : Re: SRX1081486431ID – Windows Live Spaces Abuse


I suggest that Microsoft contact Special Agent Brenda Born of the DC FBI field office at 202-278-2000 concerning this issue immediately because your refusal to act is allowing the hackers to access private personal information and they are posting this on the web.

I informed the FBI that you are refusing to assist in this matter, and that information stolen from these accounts is already being published. Thank you,

Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair

On October 20, 2008 Microsoft finally put a block on Larry’s hotmail email accounts, but by that time it was to late and the hackers had deleted all the files and folders after first copying them for use in their internet threats and attacks. See below Microsofts Octber 20, 2008 email

From: MSN Customer Support
Sent: Monday,October 20, 2008 2:42 PM
To: minnman0926@aol.com
Subject: SRX1082327578ID – Lawrence Sinclair – Hotmail – 2008102000815


Hello Mr. Sinclair,

My name is Cindy and I am from Microsoft Global Escalations.

Your Service Request #1082327578 has been escalated to my department.

It is my understanding you have two accounts that may have been compromised; LWS022737@HOTMAIL.COM  LARYSINCLAIR0926@HOTMAIL.COM

Mr. Sinclair, I have placed a block on both accounts for the time we work together on this issue. This will have both accounts in an idle state until we have reached a resolution, at that time I will unblock the accounts.

From: minnman0926@aol.com
To: msemlprd@microsoft.com;
Sent: 10/20/2008 10:35:34 AM
Subject: Re: Lawrence Sinclair – Hotmail – 2008102000815

I have an email a day from these departments and nothing has been done about the hackers still having access to my accounts or the fact that the hackers have set up a sexually explicit “vacation reply” that is sent to everyone emailing my account.

Someone needs to contact me immediately.

Microsoft was notified several months ago about an employee who was posting on web sites he was assisting in hacking into my accounts.

Thank you,

Lawrence (Larry) Sinclair

—–Original Message—–

From: Microsoft Response Management
To: minnman0926@aol.com
Sent: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 12:27 pm
Subject: Lawrence Sinclair – Hotmail – 2008102000815

{QueryID: 5fb06d05-f941-47fd-aff4-0a13195735a2 }

Dear Mr. Sinclair,

I am following up with you regarding your concern about Microsoft Hotmail Accounts.

I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and want to thank you for taking the time to share your comments.

I would like to reassure you that Microsoft is committed to delivering the best customer service possible by addressing your concerns as diligently and expediently as possible.

To assist you in the best way possible, I have forwarded your concerns to the Microsoft Hotmail support team for research and evaluation.

You will be contacted by support engineer within 1 business day.

Please let me know if you need additional assistance regarding this matter.

Microsoft thanks you for your valuable feedback because we are constantly evaluating our products and programs to try to make them more beneficial and effective.


Escalation Specialist
NACS Response Management Team
Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft finally turned over control to the hacked accounts on October 20, 2008 but not until those hiding behind the Domains-by-Proxy were able to delete every email file and contact there was. Despite Microsofts repeated efforts to restore the email files and folders they were unable to do so. But Microsoft knows exactly who and from where the hackers are, and Microsoft is protecting the hackers or is it they are protecting themselves because the hacking took place with the assistance on a Microsoft employee!? It should also be noted that a Microsoft employee, who uses the screen name TJTaygee who regularly posts on websites owned and operated by these very individuals responsible for the hacking, makes multiple visits to this site daily from Microsoft Corp offices in Washington State.

From: MSN Customer Support [RMGMT.0000.NA.US.EN.RTA.SEA.ES.GST.HOT.00.EM@css.one.microsoft.com]

Sent: Monday,October 20, 2008 5:15 PM

To: minnman0926@aol.com

Subject: SRX1082327578ID
- Lawrence Sinclair – Hotmail – 2008102000815

Hello Mr. Sinclair,

This is Cindy.

Thank you very much for the account validation information.

I was able to verify through our database and your information both compromised accounts.

I have unblocked both accounts and emailed separate password reset emails.

It appears the contact list within the email account larysinclair0926@hotmail.com was also compromised, I have provided an attachment containing your contact list.

Mr. Sinclair, I do understand how frustrating and maddening an issue like this one can be so, I have provided security tips for you to review in hopes this will not happen again to you.

Please reply back through this email once you have regained your accounts, I will then close this service request.

Despite all the efforts put forth to smear Sinclair, many of them by the media itself, NO the Media has not vetted Sinclair’s story and certainly has not (not even with the criminal activities of those hiding behind proxies) shown his allegations against Obama to be unfounded or untrue. In fact the “mainstream” media has tripped over themselves to get cover from the very people commiting criminal acts to call Sinclair a “career criminal.” We will end Part II of III with just a sample of the kinds of things hackers began to send out after Barack Obama was sworn in in 2009.

From: Team L

To: xxxxx@comcast.net

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2009 6:57 PM

Subject: Larry Sinclair

Link removed

You’ve been outed as a co-conspirator and major financial backer in Larry Sinclair’s political smear campaign.
I find your behavior extremely despicable.
Do no harm?  Ha!  Shame on you, xx. xxxx.
You may wish to consult with your attorney over what you have done.
Have a nice day.

The link included in the above email was removed because this individual and their children have already been put through hell by these people who claim to be law abiding fine upstanding citizens. Interesting these people would use the term “co-conspirator” considering that every single one of them are guilty for the criminal actions taken by their associates because they knew the acts were a crime and they used criminally obtained information to attack, threaten and intimidate individuals over the internet.So yes, the Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012, it matters for the very reasons stated above and it matters for the very reasons stated by the editor of the New Hampshire Herald

This story is very important and timely because a few weeks ago, a number of women made unsubstantiated harassment allegations against Herman Cain. The media ran with the stories even when it was increasingly becoming very evident that the allegations had no legs. The uproar caused some character assassination for Cain and ultimately halted his campaign for president.

Right now, the same media wants the public to believe that Newt Gingrich is not good material for the Presidency because of his past infidelities. If this argument is good for Cain and Newt, why isn’t the media holding President Obama to the same standard by demanding that he defends the allegations of drug deals and infidelity being levied against him by Larry Sinclair?

When Obama ran for president, Sinclair says the candidate’s surrogates successfully stifled discussion on the subject. It is our hope in printing this interview that it will spur on that discussion, if not at the national level, at least here in the Granite State. After all, the Granite State makes up an integral part of the electorate.

It is important that the Obama campaign comes out and tells the American people what is known or unknown about the allegations that Larry Sinclair has made against Obama for all intents and purposes.

In response to the New Hampshire Heralds Dec 20, 2011 publication, Sheila Bryant (an active and willing conspirator in the internet threats, stalking and harassment of individuals as well as with the hacking which took place in October 2008) published on January 4, 2012 what she calls Larry’s lies when she published the following:

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”  ― Mark Twain

The following is an excerpt from an article for The Today Show online called Why people lie — and how to tell if they are by Gail Saltz.  It’s simply a heads-up before reading the piece that I wrote below.

A much more troubling group is those who lie a lot — and knowingly — for personal gain. These people may have a diagnosis called antisocial personality disorder, also known as being a sociopath, and often get into scrapes with the law. Lying often gets worse with the passage of time. When you get away with a lie it often impels you to continue your deceptions. Also, liars often find themselves perpetrating more untruths to cover themselves.

I’m still waiting for the New Hampshire Herald’s second installment of Larry Sinclair’s interview.  You see, I am certain that in 2012 there will most certainly be some sort of add-on or left out part of the story.  So I held my breath, read the entire first installment and I must say, there were some minor changes to his story but the following,  particularly caught my attention.

Larry speaks to the New Hampshire Herald…

Larry: The oral sex started, and then stopped for a minute, long enough for me to actually retrieve a
lighter from the cup holder behind me for him to light the pipe.  And then I returned performing the oral
sex on him after he had started kidding the crack pipe saying it actually made him harder during sex. I
didn’t believe that.  But you know some people have different fantasies.  I would say the oral sex from
beginning to end probably was 10-15 minutes at the most.

Now everyone knew that Barack Obama was a smoker at the time and more than likely carried his own lighter with him.  And surely a “crack-head” would have also kept a lighter with him at all times.  But that’s just nit-picking.  Here is the real discrepancy. Sinclair was administered a polygraph test by two different polygraph experts. For obvious reasons, Sinclair and his minions have successfully overshadowed the results of the polygraph tests by not mentioning them at all.  They repeat the “story” over and over again and of course, true to Goebbels’ word, more and more people started believing the story.

We thought it was worth publishing Bryants comments here so we could give them the proper perspective if you will.  After almost four years to the day these are the types of little things Bryant (who can hardly be considered to be an objective reporter of facts) likes to try and distort them a little. The fact that Larry told the New Hampshire Herald “The oral sex started, and then stopped for a minute, long enough for me to actually retrieve a lighter from the cup holder behind me for him to light the pipe,” is not a bit contrary to what Larry has said from day one.

The problem for Bryant (or kstreet67 as she is more commonly known by) is that they somehow fail to understnad that people do put things like cigareetes and lighters in the glasses or glass holders in Limo’s simply to make them easier to access. How Bryant could possibly think that just because Larry reached to retrieve a lighter from a cup holder was somehow proof positive he was lying is almost hysterical if it weren’t so utterly stupid. To try and say that Larrys description of events somehow implied Obama did or did not have his “own” lighter is utter garbage as well as a complete grasping at straws.

Apparently Bryant has not been reading the past seven months of articles as neither Larry nor the writers here at Larry Sinclair.org has avoided talking about the polygraph.

Perhaps Bryant might revisit Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings and Sinclair Polygraph Video Raises Questions About Gelb’s Findings Part II as well as read Part III of III of Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 which will include some never before published comments from a conversation with Dr. Gordon Barland (that took place this past August) who Bryant seems to feel is more credible than the Edward Gelb who is shown on video admitting Sinclair was found to be telling the truth by Gelb’s own computer. Gelb however couldn’t include that little piece of information because he had already decided Larry was a “lying piece of…” and “nuts…” Larry Sinclair and all of us at LarrySinclair.org want everyone to read the above linked stories on the so called “polygraph experts” as well as the report by Dr. George Maschke.

Larry’s story matters for what has been published as well as for what has yet to be published in Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part III of III.


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7 Responses to Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part II of III

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  3. anintelligentwoman on January 26, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    I'm not an Obama puppet and I have plenty of complaints about him but the Larry Sinclair story just has never been credible to me. I remember back in 08 when I first became exposed to the Youtube video and Sinclair's allegations. I remember him getting money inexchange for producing evidience which he never did. I remember waiting for him to drop an undisputable bombshell, which he never did. Its Sinclair with the history of fraud and deceit. And what's with all the names? What the heck is that about? I could go on and on,,,,, If Larry Sinclair's story had any meat, FOX News, republican candidates and the many powerful people in this country who hate Obama would make sure Sinclair's story has bright lights. He could get millions it if were true but no one what's to get sued for slander. Larry Sinclair is just not credible and he needs to just get a damn job!

    • DPLSMod on January 26, 2012 at 8:05 PM

      You have every right to personally choose not to believe Mr. Sinclair. What you do not have the right to do is post completely untrue statements in trying to make your point.__Mr. Sinclair was never paid any money in exchange for providing anything to any one. Mr. Sinclair was never paid any money nor has he ever sought payment of any money for interviews or publication of any parts of his story.__Perhaps you have a memory problem. As for your "and whats with all those names?" perhaps you should read Mr. Sinclair's truthful BIO and not simply repeat false internet posts claiming Mr. Sinclair used or lived under multiple names. Mr. Sinclair as confirmed by SSA and the IRS has never lived, worked or possessed any identification under any name other than his LEGAL name and any time in his life. Despite claims to the contrary even the FBI cannot say Mr. Sinclair has ever given a false name nor ever been in possession of any identification containing any name other than his own LEGAL name. Mr. Sinclair is not interested in getting "millions" as you suggest.

  4. [...] Why Larry Sinclair story matters in 2012 Part II of III [...]

  5. Tomas on January 10, 2012 at 5:49 PM

    I would assume that you are being followed everywhere you go Larry. I am because I speak out against our Zionist Controlled Government. Obama is just another puppet for his Zionist Masters. Anyway, peace, keep spreading the truth…..

  6. Cheryl on January 10, 2012 at 8:19 AM

    Dear Larry – Hello and Happy New Year from Cheryl in Canada.
    The whole internet tracing stuff is too high-tech for me, but I applaud you for getting a handle on these telling details. I wonder if you could comment in future on the Martha Trowbridge articles which have been appearing on Rense in the past few months. But, I guess you have enough on your plate. The major media needs to break out of their locked-down propaganda box, while they still have a semblance of an audience. If we ourselves weren't scrounging this month for the money to buy our doggie a new bag of super-food, I would be tempted to send a donation to the New Hampshire Herald. But can't do it. Hope others will. Glad you know exactly where I am and who I am… the real deal…. Remember 'Our Lady' – Cheryl

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